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Our school established in 1996 has grown from year to year starting on a field to having two of our own venues in Grimsby. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have gain over the years. We believe our dog training school is social and professional and has grown to be one of the most popular dog training clubs in our area.

We currently have 8 instructors at our school who offer different levels of training. We offer all different levels of training from companion training to competitive training. We offer a wide range of services all designed to have a positive effect on you and your dogs relationship.  At Klever K9s we strongly believe you should

'Motivate, dont dominate. Lead without force.'


Meet Our Team

Mel Cedar Jali Cairo  

Mel Ely - Director and Founder

Mel Ely has been involved in training dogs for over 30 years and is a member of The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers hence Klever K9's was launched in 1996. Also qualifying with the PDTI at instructor level in the summer of 2008. Mel teaches all levels of obedience and is an experienced clicker trainer. Mel judges competitive obedience for the Kennel Club and is also qualified to assess Kennel Club Good citizen Scheme from Puppy - Gold. Always on the lookout for new ways to make training fun Mel also judges for the new dog sport APDT UK Rally.  Mel leads the way creating new group routines in Heelwork to Music and the Klever K9s shot to fame when they were selected from over 50,000 performers by Simon Cowell to appear on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.


Vanessa Haith - Instructor

Vanessa is a keen competitor in agility with her dog Woody. She has been involved in the Klever K9’s for over 9 years and is affiliated to The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. Vanessa teaches Puppy and Obedience Classes and is qualified to examine Bronze Good Citizens. Vanessa is also excelling at gun dog training and occasionally runs workshops for beginners/improvers within this field.

Lydia Smith  

Lydia Smith - Instructor

Lydia has been a member of the club for 10 years affiliated to The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainer. She started at the club with her Grandma's (Mel) dog Cedar, a red and white Border collie. She first qualified for Crufts with Cedar at the age of 12years old in 2007 where she got 1st in YKC Starters Obedience, since then Lydia had achieved many different places in different sports. Lydia then got her own Border collie. She first qualified Magic at 2years old in obedience and heel work to music. Lydia and Magic won the Rebecca Pointer Award 2013, which goes on points collected through a competing year of Obedience for under 18year olds. Lydia was lucky enough to qualifier Magic for Agility at Crufts in 2015 where they had 1 pole in 2 classes but also Magic won her Intermediate obedience class. Lydia trains and competes in Obedience, Agility, Heelwork to Music and Flyball. Lydia is also a qualified Dog Groomer and is a canine first aider. Lydia teaches Obedience and Agility, and runs special workshops throughout the year. Lydia is also available to do workshops at different dog training schools.


Dale Coulson - Instructor

Dale has been involved with dogs for many years and has trained several of her own dogs throughout the years from Puppy to Gold Good Citizen Awards and varying obedience levels. Dale teaches puppy and obedience classes along with fun agility. She shadowed instructors for a couple of years after completing two Klever K9’s instructor courses. She is currently working towards the KCAI (Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors) and is affiliated to The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainer. Dale has also over the years been involved with showing dogs and has attended regular Ring craft sessions along with breed club seminars for Rottweiler’s.

Emma Catley  

Emma Catley - Instructor

Emma joined the club in 2007 with her black Labrador, Jesse. Jesse started in a puppy class but with Emma's dedication to training she now trains in Obedience, Heelwork to Music, and Agility. Emma joined the Heelwork to Music display team in 2009 and has took part in many charity displays. Emma then took in a rescue dog, another black Labrador called Jack. Jack came into Emma's home with some little problems, but with Emma's excellent handling and patience Jack got out of his bad habits in no time. Emma also competes in Obedience and Agility. She has attended many different workshops including a clicker workshop. Emma has been shadowing instructors for a long period of time, and has now completed Klever K9s instructor’s course.

Lindsay Hewitt  

Lindsey Hewitt - Instructor

Lindsey started the club back in 2010 with her black Labrador Tao, but Lindsay now has a new addition a golden Labrador called Cruz. Lindsey started off in a puppy class with Tao but she discovered how much Tao and herself enjoyed the club that they have attended there lesson week in week out. Lindsey and Tao take part in an Obedience and Agility lesson once a week and they both really enjoy it. Tao is also a big fan of flyball! Lindsey also attends a weekly lessons with Cruz. Lindsey has shadowed instructor for a while and has now began teaching her own puppy classes after completing the Klever K9s Instructors Course. Lindsey finds instructing very rewarding as she can see the puppies grow up and improve.

Laura Sleight  

Laura Sleight - Instructor

Laura has been with the club for a few years now attending an Obedience class and having some private lessons for her canine course. But aside from being a member of the club Laura has a lot of experience in the show world mainly with her own two dogs Bobby and Maddie who are Dandie Dinmonts. Laura has been competing in the stakes and handling at Crufts for a few years and has also been helping at other Ring Craft classes. Laura now runs a Ring Craft class at Klever K9s.


Faye Brooks - Instructor

Faye has been with the club for 5 years, starting out by training her first dog, a Labrador called Charlie. Charlie achieved his gold good citizens award and competed in obedience at competitions in and around Grimsby. This year Faye has a new addition to her family, a Border Collie called Luna which she is hoping to compete in agility and obedience with her. Faye enjoys taking part in the annual Cleethorpes Carnival with her dogs and other workshops as well as social events within the club. Faye has also taken part in a Canine First Aiders Course. Faye has been shadowing instructors for over a year and completed the Klever K9s instructors course. Since then Faye has been teaching puppies in a group class on a weekly basis which she thoroughly enhoys due to the progress they make and the love she has for all dogs.

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